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Peace of mind

You don’t often start a new life. We know what is at stake, which is exactly why we take care of the entire moving and relocation process. Just relax and focus on the new chapter ahead.

Moving internationally with Gosselin Mobility

Moving to Switzerland

Ever since we started to move and relocate clients to Swiss cities such as Geneva and Zurich, we have been building up a vast amount of experience that today allows us to answer to the most specific needs and exceptional circumstances. Practically anything is possible, and we make sure it’s done.

Relocating to a new destination with Gosselin Mobility

Relocating to Switzerland

Moving your entire household west of the Alps is an important step. Equally as crucial are all administrative measures. You want interesting energy and Internet rates, a local phone number, find a new accountant or a reputable school for your children. We at Gosselin Mobility cover everything you need to get the perfect start.