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About to move abroad on international assignment and need a visa? Visa and work permit applications are a critical part of every international location. However, that doesn't mean that they're always straightforward. Instead, immigration laws and procedures can be extremely complex and subject to constant change.


Peace of mind

Instead of navigating through these procedures on your own, let us handle it for you. It will save you a lot of time and hassle, as well as unpleasant surprises.

Gosselin guides and assists employees and their families throughout the immigration process. We organise work permits, short and long-term visa applications, residence permits and local registrations. Our teams of local specialists know current immigration laws and regulations like the backs of their hands, and will ensure you can begin working abroad swiftly, and with little fuss.

At Gosselin Mobility we are experts in visa and immigration related matters


Our portfolio includes:

  • Passport applications and renewal
  • Visa applications, renewal and tracking
  • Work permits application and renewal
  • Residence permits application and renewal
  • Consultancy services

Visa consultancy

Immigration services are a core component of any international assignment, so we offer advice and assistance as standard for every relocation booked through us. Over and above standard visa applications, we also provide advice and consultancy services for more specific requirements, such as immigrating with adopted children, naturalization procedures or professional cards for the self-employed.

Pet immigration

Taking your dog or cat along with you? Pet immigration processes are just as complicated as human ones, with regulators including airlines, government agencies, agriculture, and wildlife and fisheries. Make sure your furred or feathered friends make it to their new home smoothly and comfortably: ask our pet moving specialists to lend a paw.