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The conclusion of international assignments requires just as much organization as the beginning. Once the assignment has been completed and your employee is ready to move back home or to another host country, they will require just as much care and attention as when they left.

From disconnecting utilities to closing bank accounts, from end-of-tenancy cleaning services to mail forwarding support, we provide comprehensive repatriation/departure services so that the assignee can return home leaving only good memories behind.While your company avoids unnecessary costs.

Gosselin Mobility moves your employees and their families

Housing termination

  • Terminating lease contracts
  • Pre-inspection of residence
  • Arranging an exit survey
  • Disconnecting utilities
  • Decluttering and repair
  • End of tenancy cleaning

Other termination services

  • Closing bank account(s)
  • Deregistering with the authorities
  • Cancelling insurance
  • Terminate memberships/subscriptions
  • Mail forwarding support
  • Cancelling school enrolments

Vehicle shipping

We ship an average of 5000 vehicles around the world every year, so it’s safe to say that we know how to best do it. Offering RO-RO or containerized shipments, door-to-door delivery and collection, in-house customs clearance, insurance options and storage, we’re the whole package you’re looking for.