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Supporting your mobility programs

Corporate mobility is a costly investment that requires special expertize, IT-tools and continuous attention. Resources that are not always available or affordable, especially in small and medium size corporations.

Gosselin Mobility provides relocation and consultancy services to support your global mobility programs in every aspect, while at the same time reduce your administration, improve your reporting, keep you up-to-date with current legislation and more.

Our corporate mobility programs protect your investments

Consultancy services

  • Cost estimates
  • Corporate policy design
  • Expense management
  • Vendor management
  • Group Move management
  • Move Management

Corporate policy

Standardized procedure and processes for international assignments boost the comfort and confidence of your employees. At the same time it helps you to manage the cost in a transparent way.

No policy yet? We will be happy to share our expertize and best practises.

Relo assist

Relo Assist is our state-of-the-art software to plan and monitor all international assignments.

Relo Assist combines all reporting, correspondence, pricing, tracking and scheduling services into one comprehensive platform, simplifying communication and coordination.

Move management

Our personalized services help employees in the transition from their old home to their new one.

We plan and coordinate the move, assist with decluttering the previous home, packing and unpacking, and settling assignees into their new residence.