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Home Relocation Services

relocation services that give peace of mind

International relocation of employees is a significant investment for your company and the assignee. Besides the "cash-out" of the relocation itself, the "business" cost of your employee getting at cruising speed is even more significant. It's an investment that you don't want to put at risk. Maximizing the employee's well-being and minimizing transfer and settling in time are key.

Our relocation services ensure the investment is paying off, for both.

Settling in

Employees and their family who quickly return to a "normal" life after arrival, are more likely to succeed in their new mission. We ensure that your people are happy while your business runs at full speed...


Every assignment has its end, and is often the start of a new one. Proper termination ensures well being and business continuity as much as starting one...

Visas & Immigration

Navigating through immigration laws and procedures can be tough, complex and time consuming. Our experts will save you the time and inconvience....


No mobility policy? Need to outsource the international relocation of your employees? Find out how we support your company with our expertize and tools.