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Moving or relocating to Poland

You don’t want to put your valuables in hands you don’t trust. Gosselin is the ideal trustworthy partner to safely move all your belongings to the very heart of Europe with one of the best-performing economies around.

Moving internationally with Gosselin Mobility

Moving to Poland

Whether we’re moving your most precious home appliances or your dear pet, we personally take care of moving them as if they were our own. Packing or setting up storage facilities, we do it all with the utmost care.

Relocating to a new destination with Gosselin Mobility

Relocating to Poland

To top it off, Gosselin offers a complete relocation service. We find the right schools for your little ones; we take care of contracts, visa and immigration services; anything that defines your new life abroad. You get nothing but peace of mind once you decide to leave it to us.