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You don’t have to leave your furred and feathered friends behind. We can transport your pets safely and securely to their new home, making sure they receive the special attention they deserve along the way.

Our pet moving specialists are very well-versed in the complex, constantly changing world of pet shipping, keeping up-to-date with regulations set by airlines, government agencies, agriculture, wildlife and fisheries and industry bodies. We help to reduce or eliminate quarantine and avoid delays or extra fees at customs, ensuring that your pet arrives happy and ready to explore his new neighborhood.

Gosselin Mobility moves your pets and animals to anywhere in the world

Pet moving services

  • Pre-departure health checks, certificates and veterinary documentation
  • Provision of IATA approved containers or kennels
  • Boarding prior to departure
  • Flight reservations
  • Customs clearance upon arrival
  • Delivery to your door
  • Quarantine services

Pet moving tips

How do I move my pet internationally? Moving overseas and don’t want to leave the furred and feathered members of your family behind? We spoke with Mark Botten, Director of Pet Express Animal Transport, for some expert advice.
Pet moving tips