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Contacts for corporations

Gosselin provides the full suite of Global Mobility services for international assignees and the companies sponsoring their relocation. 

From area orientation programmes, to finding a new home and school, to visa and immigration assistance, to policy design and expense management services, our programmes are comprehensive, flexible and tailor-made.

To find out more or request a quotation, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.



Corporate relocations

Need to relocate your employees abroad? Find out how we support your company and your employees with a secure and smooth transition.


No mobility policy? Need to outsource the international relocation of your employees? Find out how we support your company with our expertize and tools.

Moving services

Gosselin offers a wide range of services for domestic, long distance and international relocations. Household, car and motor cycle shipping, storage and much more.

About us

Gosselin relocates individuals, families, corporate assignees, diplomats and military people around the globe...