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Private persons

For private persons (singles, couples, families), employer sponsored or on personal expense, contact the office in your country or region (origin or destination) from the lists below.

Or use the contact form below!


For Corporations and Relocation Management Companies, visit our Corporations Contact Page and get in touch directly with our experts.


For Diplomats and Public Officials, simply visit our Diplomats Contact Page to find the details of our specialists.

Moving partners

Moving companies looking for a reliable moving partner in Europe, the Caucasus & Central Asia, simply visit our Partners Contact Page to reach those you should talk to.

We'd love to hear from you!


Western Europe

Gosselin's headquarters are in Belgium, close to the Port of Antwerp - one of the biggest and busiest transportation hubs in the world. We also have offices close to Zaventem Airport in Brussels, and local offices in strategic locations throughout Western Europe: in France, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Get in touch with any of our local teams to find out how they can help you!

Central & Eastern Europe

Gosselin has 16 offices throughout Central & Eastern Europe, all staffed by locals with countless years of experience behind them. From Vilnius to Kiev, from Ljubljana to Moscow, our teams are looking forward to hearing from you whether you're moving domestically or internationally.

Caucasus & Central Asia

Gosselin has had a strong presence in the Caucasus and Central Asia for many years. Our multilingual teams can navigate the often tricky moving and customs procedures for this region, ensuring a smooth relocation no matter where you're off to. Simply get in touch and we'll be happy to discuss you every requirement.