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Relocating diplomats and public officials

For diplomats and public officials, moving abroad is part of the job description. It should never become a job in itself, however. We know that the core concerns for relocating officials are always going to be a swift and smooth relocation, the secure handling of confidential information, an in-depth knowledge of regulations at both origin and destination, and a clear, open pricing system. Such moves require an expert touch, so that officials can get on with their real jobs.


At the heart of Europe

Over the last 25 years Gosselin has turned into one of the leading providers of relocation services, not only in Belgium, but for diplomats and public officials within the whole EU. Apart from European Union staff, we also serve government institutions, embassies, national armed forces, NATO, and various other headquarters based throughout Europe. With our offices spread out over the continent, we're perfectly placed to handle the exacting requirements of relocating officials.​

Gosselin Mobility has been relocating diplomats and public officials since 1930

Military moves

Gosselin understands that military relocations are an emotional time for all concerned. If mistakes are made, delays occur or official paperwork is botched, it creates an even heavier atmosphere around an already tense moment.

We provide military personnel with swift, professional moving services that take the pressure off and ease the transition, both for the personnel themselves, and the families they may be leaving behind.

Counting the Canadian Armed Forces and the US Department of Defence among our clients, we organize and execute temporary relocations or Permanent Change of Station (PCS) moves with tact, discretion and care.


Pet moving

Where ever you go, of course you will take your little friends with you. Find out how you get your pet accross in a safe and comfortable manner.

Our experience

Gosselin has been catering for the specific needs of diplomats, officials and their families for more than 25 years. FIDI-FAIM and ISO-9001 accredited, we organise duty-free diplomatic and military shipments in full compliance with local regulations

Client satisfaction

Our goal is to achieve 100% client satisfaction. That’s why we perform a client satisfaction survey at the end of every move. Your feedback helps us to enhance the experience of our clients and improve our services.

Vehicle moving

When your car or bike is not just a means of transportation.

We safely move your wheels accross the globe, so you are ready to roll.