Moscow & Saint Petersburg: moving to top cities

Big and fascinating cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg are very different from most European cities we know. Moving to Moscow, for example, means intensity like New York, Tokyo or London. Moscow, Saint Petersburg and other big Russian cities burst with employment opportunities and are a challenging work environment. If you make it in Russia, you can make it anywhere.

Moving internationally with Gosselin Mobility

Moving to Russia

We treat your household with the utmost care as if it were our own. Our services includes organising storage facilities, transferring all baggage to a new home and, of course, carefully packing it.

Relocating to a new destination with Gosselin Mobility

Relocating to Russia

All paper work for your move to Russia is in good hands with Gosselin Mobility. Russian visa, dealing with the immigration services and taking care of contracts. It is all within our field of expertise. Your future starts here.

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